International academic visit

A Brief Introduction to International Visits and Exchanges

On the basis of scientific research project cooperation, Innoscience Research provides domestic and foreign researchers with a wide range of talent exchange opportunities and visiting programs. Our platform will realize talent collectio2019-04-15

International Visits and Exchanges

Innoscience Research can provide short-term, medium and long-term visiting and learning service projects for individuals or teams, including 2-3 days of laboratory visit and exchange, one week of exchange visit, one month and more than 3 2019-04-15

International Academic Conferences

Through visiting and scientific research projects, Inno has invited top scientists from around the world to hold international academic conferences, providing researchers a platform to showcase and enhance academic influence, and to assis2018-12-27

Short-term visit

Inno Research provides short-term visits for research purpose. This program offers short-term visit for a period of 1-3 months, 6-month professional training or short-term visits for learning purpose. This program is designed to help vi2018-12-29

Long-term visits

Innoscience Research aims to build an international platform for researchers from all over the world to learn from each other, explore, cooperate and exchange scientific research technology, and through the platform to connect the needs o2018-12-27

Academic Exchange Activities

In the academic exchange activities, we invite professors, doctoral speakers, special guests and participants from the well-known universities and colleges to carry out in-depth exchanges that aims to broaden the perspectives of the partic2018-12-27

Joint training

Joint training represents a new educational concept and mode in which one will be trained by multiple parties at the same time. In this model, the education provided to the participant is multifaceted, covering broader knowledge scope. T2018-12-27