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Joint training

pubdate:2018/12/27 source:Inno Science Institute

Joint training represents a new educational concept and mode in which one will be trained by multiple parties at the same time. In this model, the education provided to the participant is multifaceted, covering broader knowledge scope. This program aims to meet the social requirements of the compound talent in the new educational model. Joint training prepares the talents who meet the contemporary requirements, so that graduate students possess the innovative thinking diversified perspective. Many colleges and universities have already started on joint training projects with domestic universities and foreign universities in order to strengthen communication between the learning institutes, communication between students and promote cultural exchanges between China and foreign countries.




(i) Joint training at home and abroad: For students who are jointly trained at home and abroad, the Chinese tutors, foreign mentors and graduate students will work together to develop joint training programs. Both sides jointly guide graduate students to complete the research work and dissertation of Bachelor’s degree.


(ii) Joint training of domestic colleges and universities: Joint training is also an important way of communication and cooperation between domestic colleges and universities. The joint training of domestic colleges and universities solves many practical problems,  and enables full exchange and utilization of teachers, students, teaching equipment and resources between colleges and universities.




Research institutes: Colleges and universities-the joint training of graduate students refers to the cooperation between schools and scientific research institutes, for the training of graduate students to provide soft (teachers, information, etc.), hard (laboratory, living facilities, etc.) environments, in accordance with the requirements of the training plan, and devise a joint training model for graduate students.


(iv) Enterprises: This model is similar to the joint training model of colleges and universities-scientific research institutes. The specific methods of operation are: after the admission of graduate students based on their grades and enterprises to discuss the arrangement of school tutors and business mentors, school tutors are responsible for the development of training programs, and with the Enterprise Tutor’s full consultation, to assist the graduate students in selecting the topic of degree thesis. Postgraduate students will complete the course according to the training plan requirements in the first school year, perform literature retrieval and write a report. During the second school year, they will enter the Enterprise to carry out research, and participate in the Viva-voce defence after completing the thesis writing.