International academic visit

Long-term visits

pubdate:2018/12/27 source:Inno Science Institute

Innoscience Research aims to build an international platform for researchers from all over the world to learn from each other, explore, cooperate and exchange scientific research technology, and through the platform to connect the needs of all parties, promote the combination of clinical research and basic research, in order to promote the frequency and depth of international scientific research cooperation so that scientific research becomes more valuable and convenient. On the basis of cooperation in scientific research projects, Innoscience Research provides a wide range of talent exchange opportunities and offers visits for researchers at home and abroad. We also aim to establish a talent pool via the Innoscience research platform, understand the needs of all parties, identify the advantages of domestic and foreign resources and achieve talent exchange and learning. We provide excellent talent visit services to the experts and professionals via our cooperative agencies throughout the world and the support of universities. The international visits will definitely lend a helping hand to improve learning and scientific research within a short period of time.

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