International academic visit

International Visits and Exchanges

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Innoscience Research can provide short-term, medium and long-term visiting and learning service projects for individuals or teams, including 2-3 days of laboratory visit and exchange, one week of exchange visit, one month and more than 3 months of visiting and learning. We can act as an agent for those who have certain academic background, scientific research ability or work experience to apply for short-term study visits to international research institutions, companies and hospitals for further study. It aims to help the visiting scholars themselves acquire new knowledge and broaden their horizons, so as to make new breakthroughs in their academic field or career development field. University teachers, researchers, doctors, lawyers, media workers, business executives, government officials and others can participate in the application. Visiting scholars are a cost-effective way for professionals to learn. In addition, visiting and exchange can promote academic exchanges and cooperation between international universities and scientific research institutions, broaden the academic horizon, improve the international level of research, research ability and innovation ability, and facilitate the construction and development of first-class disciplines for the university.

Talent exchange: At the same time, Innoscience Research can provide opportunities for domestic scholars to exchange abroad. Based on the overseas academic conferences and joint laboratories sponsored by Innoscience Research, domestic experts and scholars are invited to participate in high-level professional academic conferences, make speeches or conduct laboratory visits to achieve the purpose of talent exchange and interaction. Through such diplomatic activities of science and technology, domestic scholars will have a face-to-face and in-depth communication with famous professors from overseas universities and colleges, which will broaden the horizon and enhanced their scientific research awareness and accomplishment. In addition, researchers can understand and grasp the latest development trends and enhance academic exchanges. By organizing and participating in various academic exchange activities, domestic scholars can continuously improve their academic ability and academic level, and build up a well-accumulated and talented team of international disciplines through extensive learning.