International academic visit

Short-term visit

pubdate:2018/12/29 source:Inno Science Institute

Inno Research provides short-term visits for research purpose. This program offers short-term visit for a period of 1-3 months, 6-month professional training or short-term visits for learning purpose. This program is designed to help visiting scholars to acquire new knowledge and expand new horizons, in order to make new breakthroughs in the relevant fields (academic field or career development). University teachers, scientific research staff, doctors, lawyers, or media workers, business executives, government officials and other people can participate in this program. Being a visiting scholar is a cost-effective way for professionals to learn. In addition, short-term visits can promote academic exchanges and cooperation among international universities and scientific research institutions, and expand academic perspectives, improve the international level of research, research ability and innovation ability, and assist the conception and development of academic courses and curriculum in the school.