International academic visit

International Academic Conferences

pubdate:2018/12/27 source:Inno Science Institute
Through visiting and scientific research projects, Inno has invited top scientists from around the world to hold international academic conferences, providing researchers a platform to showcase and enhance academic influence, and to assist the principal unit in training key forces or academic leaders with comprehensive influence according to the needs of regions, institutions and universities. At the same time, Inno’s research platform provides an opportunity for the experts and researchers to work together. The Inno platform also provides regular academic seminars, video conferences, training and other small and refined academic activities to promote growth of researchers at home and abroad. This strengthens the close communication between scientific researchers, graduate students and experts, enhances the authentic innovation capability and strengthens the foundation of scientific research. In addition, with the aid of the Inno platform, the international academic conferences help to further expand the field of professional learning research, the depth and breadth of the laboratory's international reputation, as well as improve its own teaching and research level. The conferences also provide a chance to communicate and cooperate with the international experts and scholars in the field so that the participants can be exposed to the the world's outstanding achievements and experience, this will not only broaden one’s horizons, and promote international communication.