International academic visit

A Brief Introduction to International Visits and Exchanges

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On the basis of scientific research project cooperation, Innoscience Research provides domestic and foreign researchers with a wide range of talent exchange opportunities and visiting programs. Our platform will realize talent collection and meet the needs of all parties for realizing the exchange of talents, learning, academic visits and other projects through the advantages of domestic and foreign resources and strategy of "bringing in" and "sending out".

With the support of Innoscience Research's partners and cooperative Universities all over the world, we will provide precise visiting services for professionals in need, so as to enhance their scientific research ability through visiting, and test the achievements of visiting and learning through scientific research projects. It will achieve the improvement of complementary learning and scientific research achievements within a short period of time. 

 Currently, the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) signed with Innoscience Research is mainly in France, Malaysia, India, Egypt, Thailand, South Africa, Mauritius, Iran and other countries. Scholars who are wishing to go to these countries for visiting can expedite the procedures for visiting students within two months. On the basis of scientific research project cooperation, Innoscience Research can provide scholars with highly relevant medical professional and suitable for personal career development of visiting exchange. During the visiting and learning period (more than one week), they can receive professional experimental skills training, SCI writing skills training, curriculum training, scientific logical training and other scientific literacy in-depth learning. As a communicating bridge for visiting scholars and overseas researchers, Innoscience Research can realize one-stop and carefree visiting communication and provide customized services for scholars.