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Keeping up with “Belt and Road”--Inno and Malay Promote Scientific Research and Innovation Cooperation to a New Level

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Keeping up with “Belt and Road”--Inno and Malay Promote Scientific Research and Innovation Cooperation to a New Level


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       The bilateral scientific and technological innovation cooperation between China and Malaysia had experienced continuous expansion and deepening for more than 20 years. It has entered a comprehensive stage of innovation cooperation through scientific research cooperation and technology research and development cooperation. Focusing on the future, as China accelerates the implementation of its innovation-driven development strategy and accelerates the pace of building new engines for sustainable development, Malaysia is also fully developing its knowledge-based economy to achieve its goal of “Great wishn2020”, and technological innovation between China and Malaysia. The further deepening of cooperation will become an important part of the comprehensive strategic partnership between the two countries.

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    In August 2018, the research team visited the Bioinformatics Laboratory of the University of Malaya and communicated with Dr. Saharuddin, the head of the laboratory, and reached a long-term cooperation consensus, which laid the foundation for future research on bioinformatics analysis , including the registration of the invited interns.

   In the context of Chinese launch of the “Belt and Road ”, the current relationship between Malaysia and China is at its best in history. This cooperation is not only conducive to the establishment of sustained and stable cooperative relations , but also strengthen scientific research exchanges and cooperation between the two sides, promoting mutual complementarity of resources and promote the common development of both businesses. It will bring more surprises and possibilities to each other and make due contributions to international scientific research cooperation and talent introduction and promote the expansion of cooperation areas between the two sides. It will achieve more cooperation results, and help Chinese scientific research and innovation capabilities to achieve greater improvement!

   Inno Scientific Research is based on the promotion of scientific research, innovation and development, expert resource matching, and joint laboratory support. It aims to build a high-quality platform for researching domestic and foreign scientific research resources and strive for its mission in the future.