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Inno Research Shines in Xidian Group and the Research Passion Is Like a Fire

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Inno Research Shines in Xidian Group and the Research Passion Is Like a Fire

---Xidian Group Hospital "Scientific Research Fund Selection Skills and SCI Paper Submission Guidelines and Process" Training Session

        Founded in 1962, Xidian Group Hospital is a comprehensive tertiary hospital integrating medical treatment, first aid, teaching, scientific research, rehabilitation, preventive health care, community medical treatment and health examination. The institute has complete disciplines, advanced medical equipment and strong technical force. It is a teaching hospital of many medical colleges such as Yan'an University Medical College and Xi'an Medical College. It is also a non-affiliated hospital and postgraduate training center of Shaanxi University of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

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   Xidian Group Hospital adheres to the strategy of “Science and Technology Development”. In recent years, it has established more than 40 provincial and municipal scientific research projects, 2 scientific research achievements, 3 Shaanxi Science and Technology Awards, and more than 260 papers published in core journals. Minimally invasive techniques and interventional diagnosis and treatment techniques have been successfully carried out in many disciplines, and the Department of Cardiology has been approved by the Shaanxi Provincial Health Department for the first batch of cardiac interventional access. Minimally invasive surgery is widely carried out in maternity hospitals, general surgery, orthopedics, neurosurgery, thoracic surgery, and urology. Some technologies have reached the provincial and domestic advanced levels. On the basis of the strong hard power of hospital medical care, the soft power of hospital management has been greatly improved, providing strong technical support and scientific management support for the clinic.

Xidian Group Hospital

In order to mobilize the enthusiasm of medical personnel to declare scientific research topics, improve scientific research interests, enhance scientific research quality, and promote the overall scientific research level of hospitals, the Inno research team was invited to arrive at the Xidian Group Hospital on July 19, and each of them made a special lecture on “Scientific Research Fund Selection Skills” and “SCI Paper Submission Guidelines and Processes”.

  The lecture was divided into two parts. The first part is the sharing guidance of Dr. Zhang Wenzhi on “Selection Skills of Research Funds”. He first explained the definition of scientific research, and then explained how to declare scientific research topics from the aspects of the types of scientific research topics, the level of vertical topics, the content of the declarations, the common problems of project design, the brief introduction of the declarations, and the completion of the guidelines. He proposed that the premise of carrying out scientific research is to set up a scientific research team. He explained in detail the research topics, high-efficiency search, and the use of citation maps for topic screening and tracking. In the elaboration, Dr. Zhang combined a large number of examples with his experience and insights in the scientific research process, pointing out the direction for the scientific research of the participants.

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      The second part of the lecture was explained by Dang Minyan, a senior researcher at the Inno research team. She first introduced the concept and publishing significance of SCI, and refreshed their inherent cognition. Then she gave a detailed introduction to SCI's writing methods and writing requirements. After that, she shared the experience of the submission from the pre-submission preparation, the post-submission question-and-answer, and the rejection drafting measures in the process of publishing the SCI paper, she gave detailed explanations and analysis for everyone, which has a very positive effect on improving individual scientific research ability and improving the level of scientific research team.

       The lectures were rich in content. The leaders of the Xidian Group Hospital and many medical staff were very productive. They all said that they once felt that the scientific research was far away and strange, just like the distant sky, and the lectures of the Inno team imitation of Buddhism gave everyone the method of picking stars, so that everyone felt that the road of scientific research was at their feet.

       Scientific research is not out of reach. Joining scientific research is more of a discovery.

       Inno research is waiting for you.