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Inno Research and Narayana Medical College reached a strategic partnership

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 From March 26th to 30th, the Inno Scientific Research Institute of Malaysia: Li Xiaofan, Chairman of the Group, Guo Feng, Director of Inno Scientific Research Project, Dr. Lin Youjie, Manager of Inno Scientific Research and Development Department (Overseas), were invited to NARAYANA, India. Visited its medical schools and affiliated hospitals. They also held talks with the president of the medical school and hospital, the chairman of the National Advanced Research Center of India, and the chairman of the International Cooperation Committee of the Medical College.


Narayana Medical School

       Narayana Medical College is a higher education institution that has received NCAA's “A” certification and shoulders the three missions of education, medical services and medical research. In addition to providing a medical degree, the College provides an excellent environment for learning and innovative research through the education of healthcare professionals and health sciences and integrated health care research. After more than 10 years of development, Narayana Medical College is one of India's rapidly growing medical education institutions.


       The INNOSCIENCE team and the president of Narayana held talks, and Inno focused on Prof. G. Veera Nagi Reddy, the development of Inno, and the positioning of international research cooperation, talent exchange academic conference, intellectual property services, The publication of the development plan of the 5-integrated research service system, such as international journals, was recognized and supported by President Dr. G. Veera Nagi Reddy and his team.

       The INNOSCIENCE team met with Dr. Mahabobo V Shaik, President of the Narayana Advanced Research Center, and Dr. Mahabobo V Shaik introduced all the laboratory and laboratory facilities in the medical school and hospital, and led the Inno team to the experimental facilities. At the same time, it is warmly welcomed by international partners to cooperate and exchange with the medical school and hospital through the Inno platform.

        The INNOSCIENCE team held a meeting with the chairman of the Narayana International Cooperation Committee and took group photos. The two sides conducted an in-depth discussion on the mode and planning of international scientific cooperation. Narayana welcomed Inno to the college to start various research cooperation projects. At the same time, it also provides powerful experiments, accommodation, study and other preferential conditions for international talent exchange and student exchange.


                                                          Narayana Medical College Laboratory       

       After three days of exchanges and visits, the two sides have an in-depth understanding of each other's resources and advantages. The two sides believe that each other's resources are highly complementary and interoperable. Narayana Medical College and affiliated hospitals welcome researchers and students from all over the world to study at the college. At the same time, it also supports the construction of the 5-integrated scientific research system of the Inno Scientific Research Institute of Malaysia, and establishes a long-term strategic cooperative relationship around the five-in-one development plan, contributing to the future international scientific research cooperation, talent exchange, organization and publication of international conferences.