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Strategy for International Academic Communication

Strategy for International Academic Communication Academic communication is one of the important indicators for measuring the overall quality of scientific research workers, especially for those with an international perspective. Common international academic exchange scenarios mainly include three categories: 1. Communicate with foreign counterparts, experts and scholars. For that, the skills to write an e-mail clearly and accurately are necessary; 2. Participate in international academic conferences. You not only need to know how to make a wonderful academic report and presentation, but also need to show your research progress to international peers. You also need to understand how to make full use of this opportunity to communicate effectively and appropriately with other scholars. 3. When applying for overseas study visits, exchange visits or work visits, you need excellent resume in English and sufficient interview preparation to help you stand out. This course invites Ms Selena, Doctor of Education from University of Cambridge and Master of Anthropology from Oxford University who has vast experience in international academic exchange and communication. This course helps you to master basic skills in academic communication. In this course, you will learn about the social etiquette of academic conferences, basic rules of email writing in academic setting and the resume writing and interview skills. These skills will definitely help you to improve your academic communication! What will you learn from the above course? √ Master the English writing skill in the academic setting √In-depth understanding of the entire process of international academic conferences and poster production skills √ Master the research presentation skills for the international conferences √ Master the social etiquette and skills of international academic conferences √ Master English resume writing in English and interview skills.