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Inno Research Holds International Cooperation Seminar

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Inno Research Holds International Cooperation Seminar

         In order to strengthen the understanding and communication between the team of overseas researchers of Innoscience Research and domestic research partners, on the morning of May 23, Dr. Arul, a senior researcher at Inno Research, was invited to fly to the Xi'an branch of Inno Scientific Research to conduct face-to-face discussions with a number of research partners. Through this exchange, the partners expressed their high recognition for the rigorous and serious attitude of Inno Scientific. And they hope that Inno will also invite overseas researchers to China for exchanges and help domestic scientific research partners to open the door to international scientific research cooperation and overcome scientific research problems.


Dr. Arul and the ninth hospital affiliated to Xi'an Medical College exchanged discussions on department building and international scientific research cooperation

          In the afternoon, Dr. Arul arrived at the First Affiliated Hospital of Xi'an Medical College accompanied by Zhang Wenzhi, Manager of Scientific Research Services, and Dr. Guo Gang, Manager of Research and Development Department. In the form of PPT, it shared the current general progress of the Inno International research cooperation model and existing cooperation projects. After the meeting, Dr.Arul shared his academic achievements and scientific research experience, and conducted in-depth discussions and exchanges with the participating partners on research hotspots and difficulties, research development trends, and international research cooperation models. And conducted detailed communication and planning on the cooperation projects of the two sides. Finally, a comprehensive consensus was reached on the cooperation and division of labor of scientific research projects, talent exchange and introduction, overseas visits, and discipline construction.

        Through this discussion and exchange, the overseas researchers’ team and domestic partners have a deeper understanding, broadening the international perspective of clinicians on scientific research hotspots, and stimulating the enthusiasm of guiding basic research with clinical research. It has enhanced the awareness of international scientific cooperation and fully recognized the value of the Inno International Research Cooperation Platform. In the next few days, the team of Inno scientific experts will hold several seminars on scientific research cooperation and exchange in Shaanxi, Henan and Shandong, coming soon.

         Dr. Arul is currently a Senior Research Fellow and Research Development Manager at  Inno Research, and has served as a Senior Research Fellow and Visiting Professor at the University of Putra, Malaysia. His research interests include inflammation and cancer biology,   diabetes and diabetic wound healing. Nano drug-based drug delivery systems and research on  inflammation,diabetes and cancer in natural products, and have been invited to participate in   various international scientific forums, conferences and seminars. By the May 2018, Dr. Arul has published more than 120 SCI papers, H-index: 24, and more than 1,800 scientific research   results have been cited.