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Innoscience Research focus on hot conferences to do thematic mining and promotion, to provide domestic and foreign scholars with participation, speech, conference communication and other forms of academic communication channels. the class meeting This type of conference mainly sponsored by international well-known industry association. For example the bronchus and interventional lung association (WABIP) held every two years, called world conference on bronchial and interventional lung (WCBIP), the 21st world society for the interventional lung and bronchus academic annual meeting (WCBIP2020),The 10th Asia Conference on Kinesiology in 2019 (ACK2019) and The 30th Conference on world federation of pathological examinations academic.
1. Please fill in the "I want to hold a conference" form if you are interested in holding a seminar.
2. The customer shall communicate with the superior leader and confirm the details of conference including topic of the conference/lecture, time, conference scale, the number of the audience; funding support, approval by superior leaders and others.
3. After being approved by superior leaders, Innoscience Research shall be responsible for contacting overseas experts and invite experts to give a representation.
4. Innoscience Research will arrange the agenda for experts such as determining t visa processing, air ticket information, hotel accommodation and others.
5. The conference is generally jointly organized organized by Innoscience Research and Institute. Before the academic conference, the institute needs to arrange the  propaganda posters and organize the audience.
6. After the conference, academic news report and summary should be made by Innoscience Research.
Please refer to the agenda and related information of the conference for details of the activities. For more information on the conference, please follow the official account of Innoscience Research.