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The 10th Asia Conference on Kinesiology in 2019 (ACK2019)

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Welcome Message
On behalf of Asian Society of Kinesiology (ASK), it is my great pleasure to invite you to attend the 4th Annual Meeting of the ASK and the 10th Asia Conference on Kinesiology to be held on August 8-11, 2019 in the University of Electronics Science and Technology of China (UESTC), Chengdu of Sichuan, China. The theme of the Conference is “Improving Human Performance through Physical Activity".

Kinesiology is a study of human movement related to physical activity and its impact on health, society, and the quality of life. Kinesiology provides very useful information for human life, especially through physical activity to achieve the improvement of human performance and development as well as to realize healthy aging and holistic well-being. A qualified kinesiologist is important in the provision of professional knowledge and skills of human movements or performance to avoid sports injury and improve the quality of life as well.

The aim of the ASK is to provide the platform for an in-depth exchange of information, experience and expertise among kinesiologists and to discuss advanced educational programs and professional certification systems. ASK is devoted to promote IKQS based on the world-class physical activity leader qualification systems, with the consistent efforts in the development of physical activity study, academic institutes/organizations, and the career path and opportunity of graduates.

To achieve this goal, ASK organizes ACK annually, publish the Asian Journal of Kinesiology (AJK), and provide the training program of Certified Kinesiologist (CK) through Integrated Kinesiologist Qualification System (IKQS) which is expected to be spread throughout Asia with our effects. ACK2019 is considered to be a good opportunity for the participants to explore the current deployment, experience and skills on kinesiology and its application.
I hereby invite you to participate in the 4th Annual Meeting of the ASK and the 10th Asia Conference on Kinesiology. Looking forward to seeing you in Chengdu, the famous historic and cultural city in China.  
Thank you

Jung Sok Oak, Ph.D.
President, Asian Society of Kinesiology 

About ASK


The Asian Society of Kinesiology (ASK) is an international non-profit organization founded during the 7th Asia Conference on Kinesiology in Incheon, Korea, in 2016. We have ever held 6 times of North East Conference on Kinesiology (NACK) before the establishment of ASK. 
The purpose of ASK is to research the specialty of kinesiology and develop the integrated kinesiologist qualification system, with special attention to the convergence fields of kinesiology and sports medicine in the fourth industrial revolution. 
The ASK associates scientists committed to the ASK mission by individual membership. By organizing ASK Annual Meeting, the ASK provides a networking platform to share your knowledge.

The Mission Statement of the ASK

The ASK believes that human movement is essential for human survival and the quality of life. We would like to share this belief with everyone in the field of science, education, sociology, and philosophy.
There has been a significant advancement in the knowledge of the kinesiology due to diverse scientific efforts in the areas of physical education, health fitness, and sport. In the future, the academic domain of human movement is expected to expand beyond the traditional horizon to cover leisure, culture, art, industry, medicine, and national policy to solve a variety of social pathologic problems. Therefore, it is imperative that we, kinesiologists extend the scope of study and prepare vocational prospects to accommodate the need of such areas.
For coping with the changes properly, we have established the ASK at Incheon, Korea on November 12, 2016. 
The aim of the ASK is to provide opportunities for an in-depth exchange of information, experience and expertise among kinesiologists and to discuss advanced education programs and appropriate certification systems. 
The ASK codes of conduct are as follows (based on the agreements at the Chiba meeting, 2015):

- Research and develop the specialty of kinesiology 
- Share the information of kinesiology through workshops, conferences, and academic journals 
- Develop policies for public participation in physical activities 
- Discuss advanced education programs and appropriate certification systems to improve professionalism, employment environment, and social & economic status of related personnel.

Vision of the ASK

The ASK is going to provide continuous opportunities for in-depth discussions and sharing knowledge, experiences and expertise within the kinesiology community and to encourage the development of advanced education programs and the certification systems within Asian countries. Human movement is essential for human survival and the quality of life. Thus, the importance of kinesiology and the role of kinesiologists will be more highlighted in the future. We will study and research the field of kinesiology to strengthen and cultivate the specialty and professionalism of kinesiology within Asia via the ASK, with the desire that the importance of kinesiologists will be more widely acknowledged internationally as experts in the field of human movement. We need to benchmark medical doctor license program, integrate various kinesiologist certification programs in each country (In case of the USA, a kinesiologist qualification system integrating certificates by ACSM, NATA, and NSCA may be proposed.), and develop an advanced education programs to train the future Asian kinesiologists. We believe that our students, who have their ability verified by the new type of qualification system developed by the ASK will be more successful in the job market expanding in Asia. Accordingly, a kinesiologist will play an important role with a high level of socio-economic status in a variety of fields related to kinesiology in the future.

The ASK will administer the followings:

The editorial board for the official journal of the ASK:
This commission for editing and publishing “The Journal of Kinesiology”, the official journal of Asian Society of Kinesiology, will consist of world-renowned scholars who will strive to make multilateral efforts to establish the reputation of the journal as an international journal as soon as possible.

The council of ‘KINESIOLOGIST’ qualification:
The ASK is going to research and develop the ‘KINESIOLOGIST’ qualification system with the goal of cultivating competent professionals that can contribute to the enhancement of human health and a better quality of life. The council will develop educational programs in universities and extend the kinesiologist certification program for Asians to help kinesiologists search for job opportunities and entrepreneurs start businesses related to kinesiology.

The committee of sports medicine: 
The committee will work together with medical personnel to verify the effects of exercise, sports, and other physical activities as a form of medicine and to increase its value to enhance the health of human beings. Furthermore, the committee will try to establish a collaborative system with medical teams for the prevention of injuries, the rehabilitation in sports, working environment, public health, and so on.

The task-force of kinesiology convergence: 
For the purpose of promoting human movement related to the convergence research and the prosperity of the sports industry, the ASK will serve as a liaison to cooperate with various areas, as well as facilitating the exchange of information among countries. This task-force will lead the way in the policy exchange among countries and seek to develop future-oriented policies to promote suitable physical activities for a greater number of people.

The Articles of the Asian Society of Kinesiology:

The first draft of the articles for the foundation of the ASK was discussed during the 2nd meeting of the Preparatory Committee for the Foundation of Asian Society of Kinesiology (PCFASK) on February 16 -17, 2016 in Burapha University, Thailand.

* Picture: The 2nd meeting of the PCFASK

On November 12, 2016, the inaugural meeting of ASK was held at Incheon National University where the articles of ASK was established. If you want to see the Articles of the Asian Society of Kinesiology, click here.

*Picture: The Inaugural Meeting of the Asian Society of Kinesiology

*Picture: Participants in the Inaugural Meeting of the Asian Society of Kinesiology during the ACK2016


Items of Programs

- Confirmation of Registration
- Managing Council Meeting
- Exhibition
- Opening Ceremony
- Welcome Reception
- Keynote
- Plenary Session
- Highlighted Symposium
- Special Lecture
- Workshop
- Oral Presentation
- Mini-oral Presentation
- Native Language Session for only Mini-Oral presenters from some designated countries
- Poster: Free Communication
- Students’ Night
- YIA: Young Investigators Awards (Oral and Mini-oral) 
- UPA: Undergraduate Presentation Awards
- Award & Closing Ceremony
- Promotion of the future ACK 
- Banquet
- Evaluation Meeting of the ACK2017
- Cooperation Meeting for ACKs in the future
- Tour