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2019-02-25 08:302019-02-26 18:00

Organized by School of Chemistry & School of Biotechnology Madurai Kamaraj University


International conference on Nanomedicine (ICON)-2019, is aimed to provide a great opportunity to share your research finding with a wide audience, to promote knowledge exchange, and network. The event offers an opportunity to hear about the latest research outputs on several nano biotechnology topics. This conference will be one of the big international meetings exclusively dedicated to nano medicine treatment for various diseases and their nano biotechnological developments. We hope that the conference will be extremely useful to researchers working in this field as people with diversified background are expected to attend the conference and making the event truly interdisciplinary in nature. The conference is to emphasize the recent advances in interdisciplinary research on processing, treatment, structure and properties of nano structures materials and nano composites and their applications in various fields.


Madurai Kamaraj University, Preview Theatre


International Advisory committee
Professor Dr. Anil A Chuturgoon, Professor and Head: Medical Biochemistry, School of Laboratory Medicine and Medical Sciences, University of KwaZulu-Natal, Durban, South Africa
Prof Nicolette Houreld, Associate Professor: Laser Research Centre, DST-NRF SARChI Deputy Chair-holder: Laser Applications in Health, university of Johannesburg, Johannesburg, SA
Prof. Sadanandan E. Velu, Professor, Department of Chemistry, Associate Scientist, Comprehensive Cancer Center, Associate Scientist, Center for Clinical and Translational Sciences UAB, The University of Alabama at Birmingham, USA
Dr. Subash C.B. Gopinath, Universiti Malaysia Perlis Malaysia
Dr. Ashok Kumar, Brown University, United States
Dr. Chin Siang Kue, Management and Science University , Malaysia
Dr. Enas M. Kamal, Minia University, Egypt
Dr. Essam A. Makky. Universiti Malaysia Pahang, Malaysia
Dr. Jinpeng Li, Dow Chemical Company, United States
Dr. Khairul Anuar Mat Amin, University Malaysia Terengganu, Malaysia
Dr. Kiran C. Nilugal, Management & Science University, Malaysia
Dr. Lin Zhang, The University of Melbourne , Australia
Dr. Niyaz Ahmad Naikoo, Govt. College for Women, Thailand
Dr. Patience O. Osadebe, University of Nigeria, Nigeria
Dr. Periasamy Anbu, Inha University, Republic of Korea
Prof. Kazuhiro Hara, Shizuoka University, Japan
Dr. Ravindran Jaganathan, Royal College of Medicine Perak, Universiti Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Dr. Satheesh Babu Natarajan, Lincoln University College, Malaysia
Dr. Sherry Yeo Yao Wu, The University of Queensland, Australia
Dr. Srinivasa Reddy Bonam, University of Strasbourg, France
Dr. Thangavel Lakshmipriya, Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS, Malaysia
Dr. Zahid Hussain, Universiti Teknologi MARA, Malaysia
National Advisory committee
Dr. Aditya K. Panda, Khallikote University, India
Dr. Anshoo Malhotra, Post Graduate Institute of Medical and Education and Research (PGIMER), India
Dr. Audesh Bhat, Central University of Jammu, India
Dr. Gangarapu Kiran, Anurag Group of Institutions, India
Dr. Girish Bolakatti, GM Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Research, Davangere, India
Dr. Narendra Maddu,Sri Krishnadevaraya University, India
Dr. Rajesh K. Suman, Hind Institute of Medical Sciences, India
Dr. Reena Kumari, King George's Medical University , India
Dr. Sandeep Kumar, All India Institute of Medical Science (AIIMS), Rishikesh India
Dr. Saravanan Ganapathy, K.S.Rangasamy College of Arts and Science India
Dr. Shaik Rafi, Carbanio, India
Dr. Vikas Kumar, Sam Higginbottom Institute of Agriculture, Technology & Sciences (SHIATS) , India
Local Organizing Committee
Chief Patron : The Vice-Chancellor
Patron : Prof. V. Chinniah, Registrar
Chairperson : Prof. A. Ponnuswamy,  Dr. R. Ranjith Kumar,  Dr. V. Padmini,  Dr. S. Sivakumar,  Prof. A. Ramu,  Dr. S. Murugesan,  Dr. A. Siva,  Dr. G. Gnanakumar,  Dr. K. Murugapoopathi Raja,  Dr. R. Mayilmurugan,  Dr. V.S Vasantha,  Dr. P. Suresh,  Dr. A. Dhakshinamoorthy,  Prof R. Saraswathi,  Dr. J. Annaraj,  Dr. M. Jeyanthinath,  Dr. A. Arlin Jose Amali
School of Biotechnology
Prof.D.Ganesh-SBT,MKU,  Prof. H. Shakila-SBT,MKU,  Prof.Sankar Natesan-SBT,MKU,  Dr.A.Jayachitra -SBT,MKU,   Dr.N.D.Kannan -SBT,MKU,   Dr.P.Gopal-SBT,MKU,   Dr.G.Sridevi-SBT,MKU,  Dr. B. Ashokkumar-SBT,MKU, Dr S.B. Anand-SBT,MKU,   Dr. P. Varalakshmi-SBT,MKU,   Dr.N.Sivakumar-SBT,MKU,   Dr. M.Pandi-SBT,MKU


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  • Nanocarrier Drug delivery
  • Nanomedicine for immune system and cancer diagnosis & therapy
  • Sensors & Imaging
  • Nanomaterial’s in Anti-microbial activity
  • Drug Delivery Vaccines
  • Bio-Nano Interactions &Nanotoxicology
  • Bioactive Materials
  • Greener nanoparticles synthesis and applications
  • 3D models, tissue engineering and regenerative nanomedicine
  • Biological & medical nanodevices
  • Toxicology and risk assessment of nanomedicine systems
  • Nano-Imaging for diagnosis, therapy and delivery in preclinical and clinical fields
  • Nano and microsystems for artificial biology and biocatalysis
  • Nanotechnology and translational medicine: from the bench to the bedside
  • Clinical Challenges
  • Industry Session

  • Microfluidic